Sep 6


The Cronuts craze is now here in Cebu. As Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino is offering their version of it as they introduce their “Dossantz”. They have four flavor: Sugar and Cinnamon, Mango, Strawberry and Vanilla. Price range is at 80-90 pesos. If all of you didn’t know Dossantz it is part doughnut and part croissant.



Aug 5

Welcome Back

I’m sorry if I’ve been busy and haven’t updated my blog. I’ve been very busy this past few months and something happened in my family. My father passed away last April and it’s been a tough time in the family but gladly with God’s grace we surpass all the trials. 

I know my dad is in happy whenever he is right now and I know that my dad and mom reunited in heaven. I will try to update my blog as many entries I can. I’ve just been busy with work.

Just stay tune as I will post all my travels and of course some delicious foods. :) 

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you will enjoy. 

E Cigarette X

For all smokers out there that are having a hard time quitting their vice, I have a solution for you. E Cigaret this is a much healthier compare to those cigarettes you buy in stores and you will no longer experience having a bad breathe after you smoke. E Cigarette does not emit a lot of toxic substances that are not only detrimental to the smoker, but also its surroundings. If you have doubts about this product click this link so you can read some articles and see some videos that are quite entertaining.

Nutella Strawberry Sandwich

How to make a delicious yet an easy snack. This is not a healthy snack but you have to enjoy this one, once in a while. So this in my not so healthy snack, “Nutella Strawberry Sandwich”.


- Nutella

- Strawberry Jam

- Loaf Bread


1) Spread Nutella on the other loaf and spread strawberry jam on the other load as well.

2) Make a sandwich and slice it in half

3) This is optional but I prefer you have do this, Toast your sandwich to have a crispy sandwich and a melted nutella on the inside. (Yummy)

DomainPromoCodes.com New Style

Just a few days ago I posted about the Domain Promo Codes website launching their newly designed page. Added to the neat and user friendly design, the website is easily to navigate. With the new interface, visiting the site will directly gives the information needed by the visitors such as promotional codes listed on few named websites such as Bigrock and Register.com. Try to click on this text link Bigrock Coupons and Register.com Coupon Codes to check how the promo codes is displayed on the new look.

Additionally, the Domain Promo Codes pages also gives the user the option to look for promo codes by typing on the search text box. I’m just excited what other promos are in store on the Domain Promo Codes Website.


Mar 4

Domain Promo Codes New Design

Domain Promo Codes launches its new design to the public. The design is neat and user friendly. With this big improvement for the site they are giving away lots of lots of promo codes. Yahoo Domain and Hosting Promo Codes, we all know that Yahoo is one of the most visited sites in the World Wide Web and it is giving a huge discounts or coupons. While Network Solutions, one of the biggest company in the field of domain name registration is also giving away Network Solutions Offer Codes. Click those links and you’ll be redirected to their page and be amazed how big are the discounts given.

Game of Thrones Season 3

Game of thrones Season 3 will start this March 31, 2013. Marked your calendar cause “Winter is Coming”. 

Watch this trailer of Game of Thrones

The revenge you want will be yours in time.


I received a text yesterday from a friend; it is an invite to an app called Phewtick. I open the link and download the app thru Google Play, don’t worry if you are an Apple user you can also download this app thru App Store.

What is Phewtick? Phewtick is a “meet-up diary”, it is an app that makes recording everyday meet-ups easy and fun. It is a money making app where you meet your friends and scan their QR codes. There are 5 steps on how to use it.

Meet with your friends

 - Open Phewtick when you meet with your friends. Your QR Code will be shown on your page.


Read QR codes

 - You can let your friends read your displayed QR code or you can read their displayed QR code.


Record your meet-up

 - When you have finished recording your QR codes, press the “Record the meet-up” button.

Get Phewtick points

 - The meet-up will accumulate points and it will be recorded on your profile. You don’t only get points when other Phewtick user reads your QR code, but you can also get points for reading another Phewtick user’s QR code.


Redeem for cash

 - You can redeem your cash once you accumulated enough points. You can cash out through your Paypal account.


For more info you can visit their site: http://www.phewtick.com or like their page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/phewtick


Start the Year Right with Sulit.com.ph

These are my 10 Sulit Must Haves and all of these can be found at Sulit.com.ph.

1) DSLR Camera – since I am into blogging and majority of my blogs are about foods and restaurants. To capture some of the nice places to dine and their bestsellers dishes I need to have a nice and a high quality camera. Right now I’m just using my HP camera or my Samsung S3 phone.

2) Oven – since in my blog I share some of my recipes an Oven is a right tool to help me share more of my recipes to my readers.

3)  Pocket Wifi – one of the important tools into blogging is to have an internet connection. Right now I just go to a coffee shop or work on the office for my blog.

4) Smart Watch – to start the year right I want to be physically fit. So I venture myself to a new hobby that is running. Right now I joined some fun run here in Cebu and I think one important tool in running is to have a smart watch, because it can calculate your time, calories and your pace and not only that you’ll enjoy running cause you can play your own playlist thru your smart watch.

5)  Running Shoes – the most important thing while running is to have running shoes. I do have my own running shoes but it would be better if you have many running shoes since I am serious with this hobby of mine.

6) Dvd Player – in my blog I don’t only write about foods and my travels or the foods that I cooked. I also have some movie reviews, so to help me with this I badly needed a Dvd Player.

7) Juicer – starting the year right is to be healthy. One way to be healthy is going on a diet. I want to try the fruit juice diet. It is health and no preservatives added.

8)  Bike – beside from running I also want to go on biking just to be fit and healthy. Healthy lifestyle for 2013.

9) Microsoft Surface – If you are into blogging you need a computer or a laptop. But to make things handy I want a Microsoft surface so I can blog with style.

10) Iphone 5 – just want to know what the fuss on Iphone 5 is all about.

You can Like their Facebook Fan page and follow their Twitter account.

So what are your 10 Sulit Must haves? You can write your 10 Sulit Must haves on the comment below and you can even win a price! Cool eh?! What to know how to join? Just follow these instructions: 

  1. Write your Full Name
  2. Facebook Profile URL or Twitter ID
  3. List of the 10 items with the link


      Juan dela Cruz


      My 10 Sulit Must Haves

      (item 1) - (item1 link)


      (item 10) - (item10 link)

For the five lucky readers you will get 10,000 worth of Sulit.com.ph GC’s each. So what are you waiting for? 

Domain Promo Codes

If you are looking for a domain and a hosting company that will give you a great deal. Try Domain Promo Codes, where you can save up to 90% on domain registration, renewals and transfer with domain promo codes, domain deals and domain coupons. They also include world largest company’s promotions. Popular stores that gives great deals thru domain promo codes are Godaddy, BigRock, 1and1.com, and many more. If you are going to have a new domain and a hosting but you are on a tight budget you can check their site because it offers coupon so you can save up, just copy the Domain Source Codes.

What can Domain Promo Codes do for you? They give Live Codes, where they provide live codes regularly and check and confirm the codes manually. They Search for registrar name or tld, where you can easily search for registrar “godaddy” or tld “.net”. Search results will give you latest promo codes about .net, or you can combine both keywords. They Set up Alert, by setting up alert you will never miss the deals. If you’re domain is for renewal, they will alert you and if they will inform you if they have the right promo code for you.

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